The 'Mega Sleeper,' includes a specialized compartment for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The 222-inch 'Mega Sleeper' stands out with its unique feature: a dedicated compartment for a Harley Davidson motorcycle, making it a truly exceptional vehicle.

Owned by Dan and Joy Kelly, this massive truck ranks among Volvo's largest units. It includes a custom-built garage specifically designed to house their beloved motorcycle.

Featured on Elegance On Eighteen Wheels Magazine's official YouTube channel, the Mega Sleeper boasts a wheelbase of 374 inches. With the garage, its length extends to 222 inches; without it, it measures 168 inches.

The Kellys have ingeniously configured their truck as a 'bed and breakfast' setup, where the space transforms into a full-size bed area and doubles as a dining space when needed. This versatility makes the Mega Sleeper not just a transport vehicle but also a comfortable living space on wheels.

Used primarily for transporting military, aerospace, and aircraft-related items, the truck can carry up to 35,000 pounds of cargo, showcasing its immense power and versatility crucial for their business needs.

Construction of this impressive unit took approximately 10 months, with Dan overseeing the entire design process to ensure every detail met their standards. The interior amenities include a microwave, shower, air fryer, refrigerator, and a fully functional washroom, providing all the comforts of a home.

Dan, expressing his passion for his Harley Davidson, emphasized the importance of having it with him always, which led to the custom garage at the truck's front. Originally from Minnesota, Dan and Joy made the bold decision to sell their house and embrace truck living full-time.

Despite the challenges, their 'Mega Sleeper' epitomizes their commitment to adventure and comfort, transforming into a perfect mobile residence that embodies both their personal and professional aspirations.