Custom Harley-Davidson Striking Burning Skull: designed to melt hearts

It will always be a puzzle why skulls hold such fascination for so many. Some believe they symbolize strength and rebellion, while others see them as reminders of life's fragility. Regardless, skulls remain a prominent motif in human culture, especially in realms like motorcycle customization.

In Germany, Thunderbike Garage stands out for its three-decade legacy of transforming bikes, particularly Harley-Davidsons. Their latest masterpiece, the Burning Skull, started life as a recent Breakout 114 model. Originally introduced by Harley in 2013, the Breakout became a hit in Europe but had intermittent availability in the U.S. until recently.

The Burning Skull retains its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, produced in 2022 before upgrades to a 117ci engine were introduced. Despite its aggressive name, Thunderbike designed this bike not to intimidate but to captivate, especially for female riders. Adorned with flaming skulls across its custom bodywork and Harley-sourced covers, the centerpiece is a skull on the fuel tank, embraced by skeleton hands forming a heart.

Beyond its striking paint, Thunderbike stretched the fuel tank, installed custom handlebars, and revamped the front with a new headlight cap, fender, and lowered fork. The bike features satin footpegs, a custom padded saddle, and a widened rear wheel with integrated lighting and brake systems.

Mechanically, the Burning Skull boasts upgrades like a new air filter, forward controls, and air suspension, with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust adding a distinctive roar. With numerous bespoke parts, estimating its total worth is challenging, but considering the Breakout 117 starts at $22,499, it's clear this custom creation is a high-value endeavor.