A Harley Davidson, rebuilt with repurposed parts, features a saxophone as its exhaust.

Right off the bat, this customized bike features a saxophone instead of an exhaust pipe. It's a real sax machine! But the quirks don't end there.

A microscope projector replaces the headlight, a pencil sharpener acts as the brake light, and a juicer provides air intake. All of this is the work of J. Shia, a creative builder from Boston who runs Madhouse Motors and has spent her entire life around tools and machinery.

Influenced by her father, who had about 70 motorcycles strewn across their yard, and a neighbor who was a professional motorcycle racer and mechanic, Shia learned the trade from a young age.

Does this Harley-Davidson run? Shia's creation is filled with creative features that aren't immediately apparent. A closer look reveals a milkshake mixer under the engine, pegs made from stove handles, and an electrical system wired to feed from a 110V source, allowing it to function as a lamp if needed.

Shia and Harley-Davidson insist that this isn't just a decorative art piece; they claim it can function as a real motorcycle. Unfortunately, there's no video of the bike in motion, which is a shame. We'd all be extra sold on the concept if the exhaust sounded like jazz music.

The bike is currently on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.