Is the Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Suitable for Beginners? Here's What You Should Know.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their robust builds, durability, and powerful engines, which can be intimidating for new riders. However, the Heritage Softail model offers a more approachable entry into the Harley-Davidson lineup.

As a cruiser, the Heritage Softail is designed for relaxed, long-distance rides. Despite its substantial weight — around 700 pounds for models like the 2020 Heritage Softail Classic 114 — it's more manageable than larger Harley models like the 774-pound Road King Special.

For beginners, factors like seat height, ride smoothness, and maneuverability are crucial. The Heritage Softail excels in these areas with its low seat height of 27.4 inches, allowing most riders to comfortably plant their feet when stopped. The bike's agile handling, aided by anti-lock brakes and responsive handlebars, makes it surprisingly easy to maneuver in tight spots.

The Softail's design includes a hidden rear suspension and rubber engine mounts, reducing vibrations and enhancing ride comfort without sacrificing the trademark Harley-Davidson roar.

However, there are considerations for beginners. The bike's weight can be challenging, especially when fully loaded, and its starting price of over $22,000 makes it a significant investment compared to lighter, more affordable beginner bikes.

Ultimately, while the Heritage Softail isn't the lightest or cheapest option, its blend of power, comfort, and iconic Harley-Davidson style can appeal to beginners seeking a reliable and enjoyable ride.