After the Road Glide, the H-D Pan America is proving its racing prowess.

When considering racing and Harley-Davidson, thoughts often turn to flat-track racing or the King Of The Baggers Cup. However, in 2024, the motorcycle manufacturer is making significant strides in the Super Hooligan class by supporting private teams running race bikes based on the Pan America. Recently, the company celebrated two victories in this category, marking a notable achievement.

In the latest round of the Super Hooligan championship at Ridge Motorsports Park, Kyle Wyman Racing's Cody Wyman and Saddlemen Racing's Jake Lewis clinched victories astride their race-ready Pan America 1250 bikes. Additionally, Cory West and Hayden Schulz also secured podium positions during the same weekend, further highlighting the Pan America's competitive edge in this challenging racing environment.

The Pan America race bikes utilized in these competitions differ significantly from their showroom counterparts. Engine modifications, including a revised tune and shared components with other Harley-Davidson models, ensure compliance with Super Hooligan regulations limiting horsepower to 125. Beyond engine adjustments, these race bikes feature specialized 17-inch racing wheels, slick tires, upgraded suspension, brakes, and modified ergonomics, enhancing their performance capabilities on the track.

Harley-Davidson's success in the Super Hooligan series underscores its commitment to competitive racing and showcases the adaptability and performance potential of the Pan America platform in diverse racing disciplines.