The Pan America "Urban Warrior" illustrates the coolness the Harley-Davidson Bronx missed out on.

In a bold display of customization prowess, Dutch builder Powerbrick has unveiled a striking transformation of the Pan America into the "Urban Warrior," a streetfighter that echoes what enthusiasts had hoped for from the shelved Harley-Davidson Bronx. Stripping away the Pan America's adventure-focused components, Powerbrick crafted a sleek and aggressive roadster featuring bespoke elements like a custom exhaust system and a redesigned sub-frame.

Retaining the Pan America's distinctive shark-nose design, Powerbrick's modification emphasizes a minimalist aesthetic with a dual-color paint scheme. This overhaul not only alters the bike's appearance but also enhances its performance by shedding weight through modifications like a lighter exhaust and radiator, while preserving the potent V-Twin engine and suspension.

The project underscores Harley-Davidson's evolutionary path, highlighted by models like the Pan America ADV and the electric LiveWire, yet also serves as a poignant reminder of the unrealized potential of the Bronx Streetfighter 975. Anticipated by many as a successor to the iconic Harley XR1200, the Bronx's cancellation left a void for enthusiasts eager for a spirited naked sports bike from the American manufacturer.

Powerbrick's founder, Tim Somers, shared insights into the meticulous design process, noting, "We aimed for an OEM look, seamlessly integrating our modifications." The transformation involved significant alterations to the bike's front end, including the removal of the fairing and auxiliary lights, achieving a cleaner, more aggressive stance typical of a streetfighter.

Further modifications encompassed the rear section, where a touring-oriented seat was replaced with a sportier single-seat setup atop a custom-built sub-frame. Utilizing 3D-printed carbon composite panels, Powerbrick ensured both aesthetic appeal and functionality in the redesigned rear.

Performance upgrades, such as a custom full-system exhaust and a lightweight aluminum radiator, aimed to enhance the bike's agility and cooling efficiency without compromising its core capabilities. Notably, foundational components like the Revolution Max V-Twin engine and sophisticated suspension system remained unchanged, underscoring the bike's dual identity as both a refined cruiser and an agile urban machine.

Powerbrick plans to offer select components from the Urban Warrior as aftermarket kits, catering to enthusiasts keen on personalizing their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The project's reception highlights a strong demand for modern interpretations of classic Harley models, reflecting an ongoing evolution in the brand's legacy.