LEGO's Harley-Davidson Fat Boy: Crafted for Unrestrained Adventure

Are you a fan of motorcycles? How about LEGO? Well, hold onto your helmets because we've got something extraordinary for you! Today, the LEGO Group has unveiled the latest addition to the LEGO Creator Expert Series line: the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Crafted in collaboration with the iconic motorcycle company, this model stands proudly at 7 inches tall and consists of 1,023 pieces.

This LEGO rendition captures the essence of the real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, boasting intricate details such as solid-disc wheels, a tear-drop fuel tank, an integrated speedometer, a functional kickstand, and dual exhaust pipes. And don't forget the iconic "wicked red" paint scheme, mirroring its real-life counterpart.

But that's not all! To mark the launch, LEGO Master Builders have constructed a life-sized replica of the Fat Boy entirely out of LEGO bricks. This impressive feat took a speedy 865 hours to complete and comprises over 69,000 pieces. Fans will have the opportunity to marvel at this masterpiece displayed in select LEGO stores.