The Harley-Davidson Cruiser with the Least Power Available Today

Harley-Davidson has been producing Softails since 1984, positioning the Softail Standard as the welcoming entry point to the family. It remains the sole production model to house the modest Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, while its cruiser counterparts boast more potent Milwaukee-Eight 114 and 117 engines. Despite its siblings' upgrades, the Softail Standard has retained its original form since its 2020 debut, a feature appreciated by both the company and its loyal customer base. This enduring simplicity has secured its place in Harley's modern lineup for 2024.

Empowered by the Smallest Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engine Today

Power: 87 HP; Torque: 110 pound-feet

In contrast to the Milwaukee-Eight 117, which now powers many Softail cruisers, the Softail Standard continues to rely on the Milwaukee-Eight 107. Introduced in 2016 as a successor to the Twin-Cam after two decades, this engine set new standards in horsepower and torque. Despite its smaller size, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 delivers a robust 87 HP and 110 pound-feet of torque, making it versatile across various riding environments, from city streets to countryside lanes.

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 offers a stock power output that ensures riders feel fully in control, with ample torque for a satisfying acceleration experience. While not tailored for beginners, even novice riders can gain confidence without feeling overwhelmed by its near 1,800cc capacity. For those seeking enhanced performance, upgrade kits are available to push this cruiser to its limits.

Highlights of the Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine:

  • Counter balancer for reduced primary engine vibration
  • 87 HP at 5,020 RPM
  • 110 lb-ft at 3,000 RPM
  • 10.0:1 compression ratio
  • Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
  • Claimed efficiency of 47 miles per gallon
  • Single camshaft design

Sturdy Softail Structure

Front Suspension: 49 mm telescopic forks; Rear Suspension: Hidden coil-over monoshock

The Softail Standard's suspension system, like its powertrain, prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness. With dual-bending 49 mm telescopic forks at the front and a single, hidden, free piston coil-over monoshock at the rear, it delivers a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces.

This setup is complemented by a lightweight yet robust steel frame, enhancing the bike's agility and stability. While the performance-oriented models receive more sophisticated upgrades, the Softail Standard's foundation remains unchanged. Harley-Davidson adds a touch of style with silver Annihilator cast aluminum wheels and reliable braking systems, essential for its 655-pound weight.

Simplicity At Its Best

A Canvas for Customization

One of the Softail Standard's major attractions is its extensive customization potential. With its base Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine appealing to both novice and seasoned riders, the bike's design maintains simplicity, featuring mini-ape handlebars, mid-foot controls, a Daymaker LED headlamp, and a solo seat. Beyond these basics, customization options are virtually limitless, ensuring each Softail Standard reflects its owner's unique style and preferences.

Whether transforming it into a long-distance touring bike with added storage and comfort features or giving it a sleek, modern chopper appearance with higher handlebars and chrome accents, the Softail Standard accommodates a wide range of tastes. Riders inclined towards performance enhancements can choose from various engine upgrades and aftermarket parts to fine-tune braking and suspension systems.

Moreover, with an MSRP of $14,999, the Softail Standard offers an accessible entry point, leaving room in the budget for aftermarket modifications. For new riders, this affordability coupled with its customizable nature makes it an appealing choice.

Features of the 2024 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard:

  • Classic Softail design
  • Keyless ignition system
  • LED Daymaker headlamp
  • Optional ABS
  • 2.14-inch LCD with speedometer, gear indicator, odometer, fuel level, clock, trip meter, range, and tachometer
  • 2-into-2 shotgun exhaust
  • 3.5-gallon fuel tank