Yerevan will play host to the inaugural Armenian Harley-Davidson Moto Festival.

The inaugural Armenian Harley-Davidson Moto Festival, organized by the Mount Ararat Chapter, the pioneering Harley Owners Group in Armenia, is set to gather approximately 50 iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles and over 100 enthusiasts.

"Motorcycle festivals like this are a global phenomenon, and we're thrilled to bring it to Armenia. This event not only honors the legacy of the legendary Harley-Davidson brand and its culture but also serves as a platform to spotlight Armenia's rich hospitality and distinctive cultural heritage," commented Grigory Arutyunyan, Director of the Mount Ararat Chapter.

On June 15th, starting at 10:00 am, Shahumyan Square will witness the spectacular assembly of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, marking the commencement of the motorcycle festival, open for public viewing.

The Apricot Rally is proudly sponsored by the Amaryan Charitable Foundation, with the Yerevan Brandy Company as the primary partner.