Everything You Need to Know About Harley-Davidson's Cosmic Starship Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship, crowned as the world's most expensive motorcycle, commands attention not for its mechanical modifications but for its sheer aesthetic brilliance. Unlike Batman's cinematic marvel or a transformer, this two-wheeled wonder doesn't boast flight capabilities or aquatic maneuvers. Its speed matches the standard V-Rod, though there's nothing standard about a Harley-Davidson.

What elevates this "Million Dollar Harley" to such staggering heights is its allure—pure and simple. Renowned artist Jack Armstrong, famed for his astronomical auction prices, lent his craft to this project, infusing it with layers of cosmic splendor. The paintwork, a blend of 37 acrylic layers forming a kaleidoscopic fusion of yellow, red, and leopard print, embodies Armstrong's unique "cosmic extensionalist" style. It's more than art; it's a manifestation of interplanetary energy, or so Armstrong claims.

Yet, the price tag isn't just about aesthetics; exclusivity also drives demand. Armstrong pledges no more than 100 of these creations, each bypassing traditional art channels. Dubbed "The Last Wizard" by Andy Warhol, Armstrong's stance adds mystique to an already captivating narrative.

Unveiled amidst a spectacle of lights in 2010, this masterpiece fetched $3 million in 2012. Now, it's poised to break records, with valuations ranging from $15 to $30 million. Despite its astronomic price, its wheels may never touch asphalt; ensconced in a climate-controlled vault, it remains a beacon of artistic extravagance, untouched by the wear of the road.