Local biker recounts journey spanning over 200,000 kilometers on Harley Davidson

Local rider Gerry Ricketts has been motorcycling for many years, achieving a remarkable milestone at the end of 2023 by surpassing 200,000 kilometers on his 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide—a rare accomplishment in the biking community.

"Back in the late '60s, there was one Harley Davidson in our small town," Ricketts recalled. "It was a dream of mine to own one someday."

Ricketts' journey began not with motorcycles but with snowmobiles. His passion for biking grew until he finally decided to pursue his dream. He started with a Yamaha Enduro before eventually acquiring his first Harley Davidson.

As time passed, Ricketts' bike aged, and he seized the opportunity to buy a Harley Davidson. "I was working at the time and put 25,000 kilometers on that bike in 2000. By 2004, I was hooked, so my wife and I planned a motorcycle trip to Alaska with another couple," said Ricketts. "I bought a new 2004 Road King."

By 2014, Ricketts had ridden 180,000 kilometers on his Road King. That year, Harley Davidson released significantly upgraded models with new screens, sound systems, and navigation features, prompting Ricketts to purchase his 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Last September, Ricketts reached 202,000 kilometers on his Street Glide without a single breakdown, bringing his total motorcycle mileage to approximately 425,000 kilometers.

Traveling extensively, Ricketts accumulated these kilometers by riding through Hawaii, Alaska, and across the United States. "A group of us would ride to Arizona in September and then fly home, never taking the interstate. When winter came, our bikes would be ready, and we would return for another ride in May, choosing various routes and sights," Ricketts explained.

His daughter, Tara Ricketts, also an avid rider, appreciates the significance of her father's achievement. "I've been riding for quite a while, and mileage is like a badge of honor. Riders often ask each other about their mileage—it’s an impressive feat to reach so many kilometers," Tara said.