Wearnes Harley-Davidson showroom debuted with a 50-bike charity convoy and 500 guests.

The new Leng Kee home of the iconic American motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson, burst into existence with a vibrant display of Harley-Davidson bikes. Situated centrally at 28 Leng Kee Road, this hub by Wearnes Automotive not only accommodates a showroom for up to 16 Harley motorcycles but also serves as a welcoming spot for Harley enthusiasts. With over 2,200 Harley-Davidson bikes cruising the Singapore roads, approximately 50 of them participated in a charity convoy on May 11 to celebrate the showroom's opening. The funds raised from this charitable event covered the race entry fees for children participating in the Unlabelled Run's 1km fun run, organized by The New Charis Mission. Reflecting the brand's corporate philosophy, the Singapore dealership aims to immerse customers in the H-D lifestyle, showcasing a range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and merchandise alongside heartwarming stories and historical highlights. Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific Vice President Dimitris Raptis and Wearnes Harley-Davidson Singapore CEO Andre Roy inaugurated the event. Whether or not one is a member of H.O.G or other motorcycle groups, the showroom offers a variety of rock fashion apparel, designer accessories, and licensed products to complete the Harley-riding experience. Additionally, technical support provided by Wearnes at 28 Leng Kee Road caters to Harley riders' needs, ensuring scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and personal customizations are handled by certified technicians. Dimitris Raptis highlighted the significance of the showroom as a testament to the Harley-Davidson brand's strength and support within the Singapore riding community, while Andre Roy expressed confidence in fostering deeper bonds and sharing passions among riders in the future.