Get ready to roll with your Harley-Davidson using U-Haul's motorcycle trailers? Here's what to know

There are various scenarios where you might need to transport a motorcycle without riding it. Whether you lack a license or registration, need to take your bike for servicing, or are acquiring a used project bike requiring maintenance, situations abound. It could be due to unfavorable weather conditions or owning a dirt bike unsuitable for road use. Regardless of the reason, there may arise a need for a motorcycle trailer, which fortunately, you don't have to purchase outright; you can rent one from U-Haul.

While U-Haul is renowned for its diverse transportation solutions, ranging from massive moving trucks to horse trailers, you might not be aware that motorcycle trailers are also available for rent. According to their website, U-Haul's motorcycle trailers are cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to tow. They come equipped with an easily accessible loading ramp, heavy-duty tie-down rings, and a built-in motorcycle chock, making them ideal for quick trips to the workshop or longer round-trip journeys.

Before renting one, however, there are several considerations to bear in mind.

Firstly, ensure that your bike fits within the trailer's dimensions. U-Haul's motorcycle trailer offers 30 square feet of deck space, with internal dimensions measuring 7'8" wide by 3'9.5" long, which should accommodate most standard bikes. Nonetheless, if you own an exceptionally large or custom bike with unusual dimensions, it's wise to double-check. Additionally, consider the weight capacity; while the trailer can support up to 950 pounds, extremely heavy bikes such as the Honda Goldwings or Harley Davidson CVO Limited Anniversary Edition might push this limit.

For long-distance moves or if you need to return the trailer to a different location, U-Haul's motorcycle trailers aren't suitable for one-way trips. In such cases, U-Haul recommends their slightly larger 5x9 open ramp utility trailer, albeit at a higher cost.

Regarding pricing, renting a motorcycle trailer from U-Haul is quite affordable, with a flat rate of $14.95 per day and no added mileage fees, making it an economical solution for short trips or occasional use. However, if you frequently embark on extended journeys, it might be worth considering purchasing your own trailer.

When renting a trailer, ensure your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate towing accessories, including a trailer hitch and hitch ball with adequate ratings. U-Haul's guidelines specify acceptable hitch-ball sizes, and their representatives can assist in selecting the correct size and weight rating if needed.

Lastly, prior to loading your bike onto the trailer, take necessary precautions to ensure safe and secure transportation. This involves prepping the trailer, carefully loading the bike onto it (preferably with the assistance of others), and properly securing the bike using ratchet straps attached to designated points on the trailer bed.

Renting a motorcycle trailer from U-Haul can be a convenient solution for various transportation needs, providing a cost-effective and efficient means of transporting your bike when riding it isn't an option.