Heritage of Harley-Davidson: Willie G. Davidson's Memoir

Harley-Davidson's rich legacy is poised to receive fresh content with the forthcoming book penned by Willie G. Davidson, the descendant of two generations of Davidsons and a renowned bike designer with a charismatic persona. Willie, who continues to serve as an ambassador for the iconic American motorcycle brand, holds the esteemed title of Chief Styling Officer Emeritus, succeeding his former role as HD's Senior VP, as per Wikipedia.

Embedded within Willie G. Davidson's upcoming memoir, "Ride Free," are numerous captivating photographs, offering a glimpse into his remarkable journey. As a third-generation employee and the sole mind behind Harley's acclaimed models such as the Super Glide and the Low Rider, Willie's career has been intertwined with his family's enduring legacy, rendering him the ideal individual to unveil a memoir teeming with unprecedented insights into HD's bike artistry, paintings, and his ventures into the realm of racing.

Reflecting on his motivation behind the memoir, Davidson shares, "I aimed to connect with Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and motorcycle aficionados alike, while also showcasing my lifelong passion for artwork." From his early endeavors in high school enduros, where he drew inspiration from his family's racing heritage, to his subsequent achievements in local competitions, Willie's narrative is punctuated with tales of grit and triumph.