The Most Legendary Motorcycle in the World is Set to be Auctioned Off.

The Cord & Kruse Classic auction house in Midland, Texas claims to possess one of the world's most iconic motorcycles for sale: the Captain America Harley-Davidson from the 1969 classic film "Easy Rider."

This significant piece of American motorcycle history originates from the estate of Gordon R. Granger. As reported in an August 1997 issue of American Motorcycle magazine, the bike was authenticated by Dan Haggerty around that time. Haggerty meticulously reconstructed the motorcycle after receiving it in disassembled parts from Peter Fonda himself. According to the 1997 article, Haggerty held onto it until 1996 before consigning it to the Dan Kruse Classic Auto Auction in Texas, where Gordon Granger subsequently acquired the iconic Captain America.

Although the listing on the Dan Kruse website provides minimal details about the bike, it does confirm its provenance from the Estate of Gordon R. Granger, solidifying its authenticity.

However, there have been doubts raised about the bike's authenticity by certain sources. This skepticism is understandable, especially considering a previous auction in 2014 for the purported "real" Captain America bike, which was authenticated by Dan Haggerty before he retracted his endorsement just before the auction. Despite the controversy, that bike still fetched a staggering sum of almost $1.4 million.