Take a look at this splendid Harley-Davidson!

In a noteworthy departure, the prestigious Salon Privé, renowned for its celebration of automotive elegance, made a significant shift last year by introducing motorcycles into its illustrious lineup. This decision has proven to be a commendable one, particularly as the verdant lawns of Syon Park, situated just on the outskirts of London, now play host to remarkable two-wheeled marvels like the Harley-Davidson XR750TT.

Among the esteemed collection of motorcycles showcased at the event, the spotlight shines brightly on a rare gem - one of only ten factory-built racers crafted in 1972, the Harley-Davidson XR750TT. This meticulously restored masterpiece now finds itself under the ownership of Warr's Harley-Davidson, a prominent dealer in the world of motorcycles. Painstakingly returned to its original specifications, the XR750TT exudes the full splendor of its heyday, complete with a color scheme paying homage to the legendary rider, Cal Rayborn.