A custom Harley Shovelhead-powered BMW Isetta has been constructed, but there's more to the tale.

Have you ever harbored a dream so immense that it consumes your thoughts incessantly? Perhaps one that has lingered within you for the majority of your existence, patiently awaiting the opportune moment and circumstances to materialize? According to builder Mikey Brown, one of the driving forces behind the Paper to Pavement custom build channel on YouTube, such dreams propel his endeavors.

His latest venture culminates from a childhood dream that has persisted over the years. Like many youngsters, he reveled in playing with Hot Wheels. As he matured, he pursued formal education, delving into disciplines such as automotive paint and upholstery. Despite running a custom upholstery shop for a period, he yearned to unleash his creative prowess in full-scale builds, thus birthing Paper to Pavement.

In late September 2023, Brown completed the construction of his life-sized Hot Wheels Combi-Hauler. It's challenging to pinpoint the true highlight of the project. On one hand, there's The Big Dill, a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead-powered custom BMW Isetta flip-up funny car, capturing attention. On the other hand, there's The Pickle Jar, a custom BMW Isetta hauler specifically designed to transport The Big Dill, aptly named to match. Not to mention The Pickle Packer, a matching tilt trailer to elevate The Big Dill into The Pickle Jar for transport.

Brown accomplished the bulk of this labor-intensive project single-handedly, although he received support and encouragement from friends, family, and online communities. It serves as a testament to his diverse skill set honed throughout his lifetime.

For a comprehensive glimpse into the project's evolution, one need only explore Brown's Instagram, where he meticulously chronicled the build process through regularly released short videos since January 2023. Additionally, a more formal video documentation, spearheaded by his collaborator and Paper to Pavement partner, is in the works for the official YouTube channel.

This endeavor emerged from scraps, expertise, and an estimated 438 hours of dedicated labor solely on The Big Dill. When it's said that Brown handled nearly every aspect himself, it's no exaggeration—from fabrication to paintwork to the strikingly opulent sparkly gold diamond upholstered interior.